Mechanical Department Profile

Mechanical Department offers a diversity of solutions for oil, gas, industrial & infrastructure sectors. Being a direct distributor / agent for International leader equipment/systems suppliers gave us the opportunity to serve customers in a more efficient way.

We have been in the business for two decades with a very successful history of projects meeting customers. Our services include:  complete design & engineering (by our principals), supply chain handling, after sales services & supply of spare parts.

GE Automation & Control (Germany) (Channel Partner)
  • Control Systems (PLC’s) for various applications
  • Global Care Software
  • Smart Signal Software and Services
  • Spares and replacement parts
  • Field services and onsite support
  • Products Training for Customers
ROCHEM Technical Services( Agent )
  • Gas Turbine and Process Compressor On-line and Off-line Cleaning Systems (Skids)
  • Available for any type of Gas Turbine
Multi Valve Technologies( Agent )
  • API Specification Valves for Oil & Gas Applications
  • Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Plug Valves
  • Specialty Double Block and Bleed Valves
GE Measurement & Control (Distributor/ Sales Channel)
  • Turbine Control systems
  • Compressor control systems
  • Integrated Turbine, Compressor & Antisurge Control Systems (ITCC)
  • Generator Control systems
  • Balance of plant control systems
  • Power Plant Control
  • Hydro Control
  • Aftermarket Products, Parts& Services
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades and Replacement Parts
  • Services, Repair and Training
F.A.T.I (Agent)
  • Electrical elements
  • Flanged heaters
  • ATEX-EX flanged heaters
  • Threaded heaters
  • ATEX-EX threaded heaters
  • Electric duct heaters
  • ATEX-EX electric duct heaters
  • Electric heat exchangers
  • Electrical panels
  • Static air heaters
  • Galvanic heaters
  • Cartridge heaters
  • Heaters for drums
  • Cast and strip heaters

contact details for the mechanical department

Hani Mustafa, Department Manager